We live in future!

What is DiscoverOps?

- It is the name of this website.

And it is a website, which I wanted to have but never had. Long long ago, even before Web2.0 times, I wanted to be a WEBMASTER. But there was a problem, because I didn't know about how internet works, which was absolutely necessary for a webmaster. I went through long years learning that, and now finally I feel like it is a time to do the first release...


Sorry for inconveniences but, I could not wait any longer, I release it right now! If you can read it it means the website has been released. However it may be not polished yet. Back in the days completeness was a part of quality, but it is not true anymore.

We don't live in the past, times have changed. Is website still a thing today?

We live at the era of big-tech platforms, more and more people are connected. On platforms there is everything, bloging, subscribtions, streaming, events, likes, hearts, stars, they are full of features. This is the presence, and websites are the past.

Can I use a website instead of a platform at all?

I raised this question to myself until I learned about IndieWeb, which seems to be even transcending the pressence, brings us directly to the future where websites take back the control from the platforms.

Personal record: search yuotube "didididam didi dadi didi dam" to find Freestylor, because such name is not as easy to remember as it seems. Until there is a need to watch it again, which is even less often as every year.